Applying moisture to each layer of skin to trim skin surface

As far as we know, the lotion we usually apply is oil and water-containing liquid, which contains mostly oil. Nowadays there are many non-oil-free moisturizers. But use it for your skin.

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IOPE Enlivening Contour Emulsion

Korean Beauty IOPE Enlivening Contour EmulsionAfter using the softener, slowly clean 2 to 3 times to cover the entire area from the inside to the outside...


IOPE Hydro Emulsion

Korean beauty IOPE Hydro EmulsionAfter using softener, pump 2~3 times to apply softly on the whole face from inside to outside of the skin...


IOPE Plant Stem Cell Emulsion

Korean beauty IOPE Plant Stem Cell Emulsion Rock samphire stem cell with strong life force copes with sudden skin aging intensively. An innovative formula for in-depth MoisturizationThe fluid type-c..


IOPE Super Vital cream

Korean beauty Iope Super Vital creamhe intense hydration, total anti-aging cream effectively takes care of visible signs of aging with its Bio-seletinoidTM The Bio-seletinoid™ makes skin appear radia..


IOPE Super Vital Emulsion

Korean beauty IOPE Super Vital EmulsionSuper Flavonoids™ containing powerful plants and antioxidizing energy of longevity recharges fatigued skin with energy and nutrition to achieve firm skin.She..


Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion

Korean beauty Laneige Essential Balancing EmulsionPerfect Renew Skin RefinerA lightweight lotion to moisturize and soften skin. Opuntia Fruit and Arginine help provide and retain essential moisture..


Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion Light

Korean beauty Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion LightStart with the base for skin care products to keep your skin hydrated and healthy!Matte emulsion evenly restores moisture balance inside the ski..


Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion Ultra Moisture

Korean beauty Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion Ultra MoistureNEW Laneige basic line for moisture balancing careThe highly moisturizing emulsion evenly restores moisture balance in rough skin cause..


Laneige Perfect Renew Emulsion

Korean beauty Laneige Perfect Renew EmulsionPerfect Renew Skin RefinerHelps to restore skin’s moisture-oil balance, enhance moisture barrier and protect the skin from irritants ..


OHUI Age Recovery Skin Emulsion

K Beauty, OHUI Age Recovery Skin EmulsionThis anti-aging lotion is formulated with skin friendly ingredients like Baby collagenóÔ and essential fatty acids.  This functional lotion delivers d..


OHUI Miracle Moisture Emulsion

K Beauty, OHUI Miracle Moisture EmulsionThis lightweight emulsion contains natural Chiffon Ceramide to instantly moisturize and enhance the complexion while delivering improved functions of the wa..


OHUI Phyto Vital Comforting Emulsion

Korean Beauty, OHUI Phyto Vital Comforting EmulsionThis lotion produces perfect, soft, supple skin. Enriched with wild mistletoe and Cranesbill, the nutritional formula prevents environmental damage w..

OHUI The First Emulsion -2%

OHUI The First Emulsion

K Beauty, OHUI The First EmulsionNutrient rich emulsion helps fight signs of skin aging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  Skin appears healthy and full of vitality. How to useAfter e..

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Sulwhasoo Concentrating Ginseng Renewing Essential Oil

Korean beauty Sulwhasoo Concentrating Ginseng Renewing Essential Oil Ginseng seed oil retains concentrated moisture. Ginseng seed oil, an ingredient carefully deriv..


Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing Emulsion

K Beauty, Sulwhasoo Essential Balancing EmulsionSulwhasoo’s essential emulsion helps improve skin texture, providing rich moisture to leave skin dewy and smooth. Mountain Peony extract helps impro..


Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Brightening Fluid

Korean Beauty, Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Brightening FluidA bright white lotion helps to improve the shine of the skin.Baiyun grass helps to reduce the appearance of skin pigmentation and helps to impr..


Sulwhasoo time Treasure Perfecting emulsion

K Beauty, Sulwhasoo time Treasure Perfecting emulsionHydrate your skin with this emulsion that delivers powerful anti-aging benefits of red pine. Red Pine, a symbol of longevity, is known to live..


Whoo Cheongidan HwaHyun Lotion

K Beauty, Whoo Cheongidan HwaHyun LotionThis nutritive lotion delivers long lasting hydration for optimal moisture balance and healthy skin.  The Wild Gingseng extracts contributes to a beaut..


Whoo Gongjinhyang In Yang Lotion

Korean Beauty, Whoo Gongjinhyang In Yang LotionThis nutrient-rich cream is good for the skin while significantly reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It consists of wild ginseng to improve skin protectio..


Whoo Gongjinhyang Qi and Jin Cream

K Beauty, Whoo Gongjinhyang Qi & Jin CreamThis youth-enhancing cream works hard to rejuvenate skin for firmer, more resilient skin.  The luxurious cream penetrates deeply to reduce the ap..


Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White Emulsion

Korean Beauty, Whoo Gongjinhyang Seol Radiant White EmulsionThis soothing lotion is made of wild chrysanthemums and Korean herbal extracts and helps keep your skin fresh, clear and hydrated. The f..


Whoo Gongjinhyang Soo SooYeon Lotion

Empress Cixi’s hair secret.Delivers rich nutrition to hair.Hair coating effects: Gives smoothness, luster, and prevents tangles.Helps to coat color treated hair and keep the effects. ..


Whoo Gongjinhyang Soo SooYeon Lotion

Korean Beauty, Whoo Gongjinhyang Soo SooYeon LotionThis daily moisturizing lotion gives the skin a nutritious and healthy skin. The light formula nourishes and protects the skin from young. How t..


Whoo Jinyulhyang Jinyul Essential Revitalizing Lotion

K Beauty, Whoo Jinyulhyang Jinyul Essential Revitalizing LotionThis highly enriched, anti-aging lotion combats visible aging, deeply moisturizes, and promotes elastic skin.  The Red Ginseng for..