Dr. eslee Physical Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++

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- Use for a long time to prevent sweating and swimming in the pool or sea water. It is soft, soft, does not absorb efficiency, and does not feel foreign matter.
- In addition to the sunscreen function of sunscreens, it not only scatters, scatters, absorbs UV-A, B, but also protects the skin by increasing the effectiveness of the barrier effect by waterproofing.
- Additive chemical UV absorbers and fragrance free
- Water evidence of the facts.

(1) What is SPF?
SPF is an abbreviation of Sun Protection Factor and is the term to indicate "Sun Protection Factor". The higher the value, the higher the UV protection effect. SFPs typically range from 2 to 50. For example, a sun cream with an SPF of 50 means that it reduces the amount of ultraviolet light reaching the skin by 1/50.

(2) What is PA?
Protection Factor Abbreviation for UV-A. It is the blocking factor for UVA. PA, the cut-off level, indicates the degree of penetration into the skin to block UVA, the main cause of skin breakage. PA +, PA ++, and PA +++. The more +, the greater the blocking effect. It is sunscreen.

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Dr. eslee Physical Sunscreen SPF50+ PA+++

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  • 100% mineral UV filters.

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